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This advice applies to Scotland

If you ran out of space to answer any of the questions, you can use the box at the bottom of page 17 to add extra information.

You can use extra sheets of paper if there’s not enough space in the box. Attach them to your ESA50 form, and include your name and National Insurance number.

See how this question looks on the form

ESA50 example form

Make sure you write the question number next to the extra information you’re including.

If someone helped you fill in the form

If someone helped you fill in the ESA50 form, it’s important to say this. Use the box to explain:

  • who did it - for example a family member, a carer or adviser
  • why you asked them for help
  • how they helped you

How filling in the form made you feel

If filling in the form caused you pain, it’s important to tell the DWP. Use the box to explain the type of pain and how long it lasted.

You should also explain if filling in the form made you anxious or stressed.

If you’re including medical evidence

If you’re sending medical evidence, make sure you list the documents you’re including. Get more help with this in the “medical evidence” part of the form.

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