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Moving your gas or electricity meter or changing your connection

You can ask to have your meter moved or for other alterations to your gas or electricity connection. You may want to do this if:

  • you’re having an extension to your house
  • you’re having a new driveway
  • the current location of your meter is unsafe
  • you can’t get to your meter
  • you want to change between a credit meter and a prepayment meter.

This page explains how to go about arranging a meter move or other alteration to your energy connection, and what you need to think about.

How to get your meter moved

If you want your gas or electricity meter to be moved, contact your gas or electricity supplier. They will arrange give you a quotation for the work to be carried out.

Does your supplier have to carry out the work?

Some parts of the work for moving a meter have to be done by your supplier. This is called non-contestable work. Other parts of work can usually be carried out by someone else, such as a registered electrician or gas engineer. This is called contestable work.

If you think you can get the work done more cheaply:

  • ask your supplier to break down the quotation into contestable and non-contestable work
  • get quotes from contractors for the contestable parts of the work
  • compare the quotes to the price provided by your supplier to see if you can get the work done at a better price.

Always check with your supplier whether any of the work carried out by an independent contractor needs to be agreed or inspected by them.

Top tips

Cables and wires from your meter to electrical appliances are not covered by the connection agreement. You should use a qualified electrician to install them. Equipment such as fuse boxes or switches are also not covered, The same applies to pipes which go from your gas meter to gas appliances. These should be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Do you have to pay to have your meter moved?

It is generally the responsibility of the home owner to arrange and pay for a meter move.

If you are on your energy supplier’s Priority Services Register and find it difficult to access your meter, you may be able to have it moved free of charge.

You won't have to pay if your supplier needs to move your meter as part of a programme to replace old meters.

Changes to your connection

Top tips

If you are unhappy  with work carried out by an independent electrician or gas installer, you may be able to get the contractor to put things right if they have not carried out the work with reasonable care and skill.

More about what to do if you're not satisfied with a service

If you want to have your pipes or cables re-routed, you need to follow the same procedure as if you were having a new gas or electricity connection:

  • contact your supplier or the company which distributes electricity or transports gas in your area to request the work
  • confirm your supplier
  • receive, check and accept the quotation.

As with meter moves, you may be able to have some parts of the work carried out by an independent contractor. You will need to get a breakdown of the quotation to find out which parts of the work do not need to be carried out by the gas transporter or electricity distributor.

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