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After you are awarded Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

These pages tell you more about for how long the award of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) can be made and how it will be paid to you. You can also find out more about what to expect when you’re getting PIP and when you must tell the DWP about changes of circumstances which might affect your payment.

How much is it?

Rates of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for daily living and mobility components at the standard and enhanced rates.

Getting paid

How Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are made and how often.

How long will you get it for?

How long an award of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) lasts and what you can do when it is coming to an end.

Changes you must report

Changes of circumstances you have to report if you are getting Personal Independence Payment (PIP), how to report them and the what happens if you don't.