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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - changes you must report

This advice applies to Scotland

If you're getting Personal Independence Payment (PIP), it's important to tell the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) anything that might affect your claim or the amount of money that you're getting.

This page tells you what changes you have to report, how to report them and what could happen if you fail to do so.

Top tips

If you're already getting PIP, you can make a new claim up to six months before your existing award ends.

Which changes must you report?

If you're getting PIP, you must tell the DWP of any change in your circumstances that might affect your entitlement. The changes you must report include:

  • your condition improves or gets worse so that you need more or less help with daily living activities than you did before
  • your condition improves or gets worse so that you have more or less difficulty getting around than you did before
  • your doctor tells you that your condition will last for a longer or shorter time than you told the DWP
  • you go into a hospital, hospice or care home
  • you go into a residential school or college
  • you go into foster care, sheltered housing, local authority care or Health and Social Care Trust care
  • you leave or intend to leave Great Britain for more than four weeks, including if you go abroad on holiday for more than four weeks. This includes if you go to Northern Ireland
  • you go into prison or are held in legal custody.

If you go into a hospital, hospice, care home, foster care, local authority care, sheltered housing, or a residential school or college, you should also tell the DWP if you spend any nights in your own home, or if you leave the institution's care.

The DWP will also need to know if:

  • you change your name, address or bank account details for payment, or
  • a different person is acting for you.

If you change your doctor before your claim has been decided, it would be helpful if you would also inform the DWP of this. This is because the health professional who assesses your claim may need to contact your doctor for more information.

Changes you don't have to report

You don't have to report the following changes because they don't affect whether you can get PIP or how much you get:

  • being in work, returning to work or leaving work
  • changes in your earnings or other income
  • if someone joins or leaves your household.

How to report a change

You can report a change of circumstances to the DWP in writing or by phone, unless the DWP tells you to report it in writing. If you change your name, the DWP will want details in writing.

The address to contact is on your original decision letter. The phone number to use is 0345 850 3322, textphone 0845 601 6677.

If you report a change by phone, it's a good idea to confirm it in writing and to keep a copy of your letter. When you write, be sure to give:

  • your name and address
  • your National Insurance number
  • what the change is
  • the date the change happened or is due to happen.

Your phone call to the DWP will be recorded. You can ask DWP to send you a written record of the call if you need one. For example, you might need one if you disagreed with the DWP about whether you had reported a change or not.

How to report a death

If you need to tell the DWP that the person getting PIP has died, you can contact your local authority Tell Us Once service or the DWP Bereavement Service. They will report the death for you to the PIP office handling the claim.

What happens if you don't report a change that affects your entitlement to PIP?

If you fail to report a change of circumstances that you must report, one or more of the following things could happen:

  • you could get an overpayment of PIP which you will have to pay back
  • the DWP could impose a civil penalty on you. This is like a fine except that they don't have to take you to court
  • you could face a criminal prosecution for fraud.


Other useful information

  • There is a factsheet giving details of changes that need to be reported on the GOV.UK website at
  • Tell Us Once for reporting a death, at

DWP Bereavement Service
Tel: 0845 606 0265
Textphone: 0845 606 0285
Tel: 0845 606 0275 (Welsh)
Textphone: 0845 606 0295 (Welsh)

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