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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - how much is it?

This advice applies to Scotland

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit for people aged 16 to 64 with a disability or long-term health condition.

It's being introduced in stages from 8 April 2013. Eventually, it will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

The amount you get depends on an assessment of how far your condition limits your ability to carry out certain activities.

This page tells you more about how PIP is made up and how much you can expect to get if you qualify for this benefit.

The parts of PIP

PIP is made up of two parts known as components:

  • the daily living component, and
  • the mobility component.

Each component has two rates:

  • a lower rate, known as the standard rate
  • a higher rate, known as the enhanced rate.

If you qualify for PIP, you may get one or both components. Each component will be paid at either the standard rate or the enhanced rate. You can't get both the standard and the enhanced rate of the same component.

Which rate will you get?

To work out which component and rate of PIP you qualify for, the assessor will consider your ability to carry out a range of:

  • daily-living activities, such as preparing food and communicating, and
  • mobility activities, such as planning a journey and moving around.

You'll be awarded points for each activity, depending on how severely your disability or health condition affects your ability to carry out these activities. Depending on how many points you score altogether, you may be awarded either the standard rate or the enhanced rate of each component for which you qualify.

You need:

  • 8 points for daily living activities to get the standard rate of the daily living component, or 12 points to get the enhanced rate
  • 8 points for mobility activities to get the standard rate of the mobility component, or 12 points to get the enhanced rate.

How much will you get?

This table shows the weekly amounts of PIP.

Component and rate

From 7.4.14


From 6.4.15


Daily living component
Standard rate54.4555.10
Enhanced rate81.3082.30
Mobility component
Standard rate21.5521.80
Enhanced rate56.7557.45

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