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Private healthcare

Get information on what to think about when buying private health care insurance.

Find out what to do if you disagree with what you have been charged for private healthcare or have problems paying. Learn how to complain.

Private healthcare

Private health care - an overview

Should you go private - healthcare

What to consider if you’re thinking about getting private health treatment, how to get treatment, and charges for private treatment.

Buying private health insurance

What to consider before buying health insurance, what to do if you are disabled and when your health insurance company may refuse to pay out.

Paying for private healthcare

What to do if you have problems paying for your private health treatment or you disagree with what you’ve been charged.

Complaining about private healthcare

What to do if you have a complaint against your private medical practitioner, a private hospital or private dental treatment.

Complaining about negligence or misconduct in private health

What to do if you have a complaint against your private medical practitioner for misconduct or negligence.

UK private healthcare associations

Contact details of private health professional associations that may assist with disputes or can provide useful information on practitioners in your area.

Alternative medicine organisations

Alternative (complementary) medicine organisations including regulatory bodies, which are mainly concerned with setting standards and dealing with complaints, and professional associations, which promote the interests of their members.