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EU exit (Brexit) - what you need to know

This advice applies to Scotland

EU exit (Brexit) 

The UK is due to leave the EU. This process is known as Brexit. Details about how and when the UK will leave the EU are not yet fully known and are regularly changing.

Until the UK leaves the EU your rights remain unchanged. The Government will announce what will happen next and we'll update our advice when more information is known.

Staying in the UK after Brexit

If you're an EU national, living in the UK, you can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to stay after Brexit. See our advice on Staying in the UK after Brexit.

If you're a national of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you'll be able to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme from 30 March 2019.

If you're an Irish national, you won’t have to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK, as you have rights under the Common Travel Area.

Brexit and your rights

You can find out more about how Brexit might impact on your other rights, for example, to work or travel abroad, on the GOV.UK page Prepare to leave the EU.

You can find out more about how your rights in Scotland, for example your rights to housing, education, health and social care, might be affected on the page EU exit (Brexit).

If you're a UK national living in, or travelling to, an EU country, you can find out more about how your rights might be affected on by choosing the country on the GOV.UK website. You can also check the guidance for all UK nationals living in the EU.

EU Citizens Support

From 18 March 2019, the CAB Service in Scotland will be testing our new EU Citizens Support service, that you’ll be able to contact if you need help to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. The full service will be available from 1 April 2019. 

You can contact an adviser on our free helpline 0800 916 9847. 

The opening hours are: 

Monday  9.00am -1.00pm 
Wednesday 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Friday 9.00am - 1.00pm 

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