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Volunteer roles for you...

IT support

Support staff and volunteers at your local Citizens Advice by getting to the root of technical problems and solving them. Use your skills to assist with email advice, IT training and keeping the office website up to date.

calendar icon  Suggested time – 3 hours per week

Client co-ordinator

Ensure that your local Citizens Advice is a welcoming, accessible and informative place for clients to visit by ensuring that posters and materials on display are current and appropriate, and that information is easy to find.

calendar icon  Suggested time – 3 hours per week

Office admin

Help your local Citizens Advice to run smoothly and efficiently. Tasks you may be asked to do include updating databases, taking meeting minutes, filing, photocopying and typing up letters.

calendar icon  Suggested time – 1 day a week for at least 3 months


Support Citizens Advice by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter or raising money for your local Citizens Advice.

calendar icon  Suggested time – any time you can spare