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Volunteer roles for you...

Reception worker

Be the first person that clients, callers and visitors to your local Citizens Advice speak to, answering their questions (both face-to-face and on the phone) and explaining to them the process for appointments, advice services and signing-in.

calendar icon  Suggested time – 3 hours per week for at least 3 months

Gateway assessor

Provide an initial assessment for clients, meeting with them (either face-to-face or on the phone) to establish their problem. You will be trained to signpost them to relevant resources and information that may help them, arranging a follow-up appointments for them with advisers or specialists if necessary.

calendar icon  Suggested time – 6 hours per week for at least 6 months

Digital assistant

Provide 'assisted digital support', helping clients to use services and carry out transactions online, promoting the the use of kiosks or computers and enabling clients to develop the skills and confidence they need to use digital technology effectively.

calendar icon  Suggested time – 3 hours per week


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calendar icon  Suggested time – any time you can spare