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Citizens Advice Stand up for equality strategy 2012-15

Stand up for equality cover

Stand up for equality

We are fully committed to stand up and speak up for those who face inequality and disadvantage.

Our Stand up for equality strategy sets out how we can do that in Citizens Advice and in bureaux through our commitment to challenging discrimination, promoting equality and valuing diversity.

Why us?

Feedback from the public during the consultation on the strategy made it very clear that people often see us as their last hope for justice. They want to be able to turn to us for help on equality problems. They want us to stand up for them.

The need for us to play that role is best summarised by the Stand up for equality strapline: If not us, who? If not now, when?

Aims and priorities

To drive the necessary change we will focus on three target areas of work:

  • challenge discrimination through advice
  • promote equality through advocacy
  • value diversity through our roles of employer, volunteer agency and contractor.

Download the strategy