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Our campaigns

We use our clients' experience and stories to campaign for positive change.

With over two million clients each year this evidence is hard to ignore. We speak up about the policies and services that cause people problems.

Settled and safe: a renter's right

Settled and safe: a renter's right - our campaign demanding a safe and settled future for renters.

Talk about abuse

Talk about abuse - our campaign to encourage people to look for signs of domestic abuse among their friends and family, to talk about it, listen and support and suggest further help.

Secure self-employment

Secure self-employment - our campaign for simpler and more responsive policies that give self-employed people the security to plan and balance their lives, while developing their business.

Be a campaigner for us

Help us make sure every voice is heard. Sign up to be a Citizens Advice campaigner and we'll let you know how you can get involved in our campaigns.

Other recent campaigns

These include:

Our campaign successes

Over the years we have campaigned on a range of different issues in order to improve the policies and services that affect our clients. These are just a handful of the campaigns we are most proud of.

Working with Parliament

We work closely with parliamentarians and assembly members to provide information about the problems that affect our clients.