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Keep calm and carry on complaining

As part of a series of videos to mark National Consumer Week consumer campaigner Helen Dewdney argues that new rights under the Consumer Rights Act need to be supported by skills in the art of complaining.

  1. When things go wrong
  2. Expert complaining
  3. Top tips for complaining
  4. The Consumer Rights Act

The Consumer Rights Act

Here Helen Dewdney, writer of The Complaining Cow blog, sums up the new Consumer Rights Act and how it can help you buying goods and services.

Top tips for complaining

Watch Helen Dewdney, writer of The Complaining Cow blog, talk about using your new consumer rights and why complaining is win-win for consumers and businesses.

When things go wrong

Watch Helen Dewdney, writer of the blog The Complaining Cow, explain about alternative dispute resolution and other choices for consumers who are not happy with goods and services.

Expert complaining

Helen whose website The Complaining Cow provides guidance for thousands of people seeking refunds, redress and results argues that its not just about money: its the principle that matters.