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Buying a used car? Check it don't regret it!

Check it, don't regret itA car is often one of the most expensive purchases a person makes in a lifetime. Many individuals and families depend on cars to get to work, to do the school run, to get to supermarkets where they can access reasonably priced goods, and to visit friends and family members. So finding a car that is safe, legal, and that fits the bill is of huge importance.

However, buying a used car can be a tricky business. Used cars are the biggest single issue being reported to Citizens Advice consumer service – it deals with over 80,000 used car problems a year.

This month we’re aiming to raise awareness about buying a used car, encouraging people to check it, not regret it.

Already, Citzens Advice Bureaux, Trading Standards and other organisations have already been getting out and about and driving home the message, with events happening up and down the country.

  • Coventry CAB worked with their local Trading Standards to turn the CAB forecourt into a used car dealership, flogging (pedal) cars to passing punters and driving home the educational messages in the process.
  • Havering CAB and their local Trading Standards have run a series of events, using a 50/50 vehicle (which has one side in working order, and one side with a host of deliberate faults), asking consumers to spot the problems.