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How to complain

If your landlord or letting agent has broken any rules that govern how they should act it is important to complain. If they have, you may have grounds for a complaint. Sending a complaint could lead to financial compensation and will help make sure other people have a better experience.

Did you know...

  • You have the right to know how much your new home is going to cost. You shouldn’t be hit with unfair or hidden fees.
  • Your tenancy agreement should be clear and fair.
  • Your deposit should be protected in a scheme.
  • Your landlord or letting agent shouldn’t harass you.
  • If you have a problem, you have the right to report it to the council or trading standards, and shouldn’t face eviction.
  • Your letting agent should be a member of a redress scheme.

How to report bad practice:

  • If your letting agent or landlord is treating you unfairly, complain to them directly first of all.
  • If this doesn't work, contact your local trading standards service if you have a problem with how they are treating you or carrying out their business.
  • OR contact environmental health if you have a problem with the quality or safety of your home
  • Follow this up by complaining to their trade body and, if they are a letting agent, the relevant redress scheme (otherwise known as an ombudsman) if they don’t improve.
  • Facing eviction for holding your landlord to account? Visit your local Citizens Advice for advice on challenging unfair evictions.

Need advice?

For further information, visit the advice pages of this website. You may find the following pages particularly helpful:

You can find out more about the main landlord and letting agent bodies by visiting their websites:

Find out which redress scheme your letting agent is signed up to: