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16 Days of Action

We recruited a team of volunteers to take one action a day between 25 November and 10 December to help people talk about abuse.

Wednesday 25 November marked the start of 16 Days of Action to prevent Violence against Women & Girls. It was a great opportunity to increase people’s awareness about domestic abuse, and to raise the profile of our Talk about abuse campaign, to enable more people to help their friends and family to overcome domestic abuse.

To support the 16 Days campaign, led by the UN and other national and international organisations, and to keep the momentum going behind our own Talk about abuse campaign, we prepared 16 simple actions which our campaigners took each day to show their support and help victims of domestic abuse.

Find out what they got up to below.

Expand25 November - tell your friends to get involved too!

Tell your friends and family to sign up to our 16 Days of Action to help people talk about abuse. You can do this in several different ways:

Expand27 November - sign up to our Thunderclap

Join our social media Thunderclap at 16:16 (see what we did there) on the afternoon of 10 December to mark the end of the 16 Days:

Expand28 November - share our online education tool

We’ve created an online tool to help people better understand and identify domestic abuse. Tell us what you learned from this, using #talkaboutabuse:

Expand29 November - show your support for domestic abuse charities

Please read and share this article from an Independent Domestic Violence Adviser, and show your support for the charities and other organisations who do vital work helping victims of domestic abuse and their families.

Expand30 November - put up our poster about financial abuse

Please put up our 16 Days #talkaboutabuse financial abuse poster around your town, in your local Citizens Advice, or in your place of work and send us a photo.

Expand1 December - share Hannah's story

Hannah is a survivor of domestic abuse. She's written a powerful blog about her experiences, and the impact it had on her life. Please read it and share to help raise awareness.

Expand2 December - share our Talk about abuse film

Friends can play a vital role to help people come forward and get help overcoming domestic abuse. Watch this short film and share it with your friends.

Expand3 December - contact your favourite celebrity

Let's get influential people talking about the campaign. Tweet your favourite celebrity or public celebrity, ask them to support Citizens Advice 16 Days of action to stop violence against women and girls.

If you don't use social media, drop us an email with any public figures you think might be interested in supporting our campaign, and we'll have a think about how we might reach out to them.

Expand4 December - share Women's Aid's 16 Days blogs

For the 16 Days campaign Women's Aid have commissioned a series of blogs from their members, survivors, supporters, and celebrities to raise awareness about domestic abuse.

Expand5 December - tell us how your best friend has supported you

Post the best piece of advice your friend has given you underneath our recent Talk about abuse film on YouTube which focuses on the role of friends in helping victims of domestic abuse. We’ll share the most powerful in our next campaigns newsletter. Alternatively you can email your friend's advice to

Expand6 December - support our work with government

Today, we want you to share this statement from Citizens Advice Chief Executive, Gillian Guy, about the new law; on social media, via email or just word-of-mouth - just head to our press releases page to see the full response.

Expand7 December - write to your local MP

Please write to your local MP, asking them to tweet their support for the Citizens Advice Talk about abuse campaign. You can use our template letter:

Expand8 December - tell your neighbours about the campaign

It's time to look closer to home and tell your neighbours about the campaign. You can do this by using - a local social media network which lets you connect with others in your area.
  • If you're not on Streetlife: create an account and see if there's anyone using it in your area. Then post the below...
  • If you're on Streetlife: start a local conversation about domestic abuse and post the following message to your neighbours: I'm spreading the word locally about a great campaign by Citizens Advice, which encourages everyone to look out for friends and neighbours and talk about domestic abuse. Visit to find out more, and spread the message further by sharing online with the hashtag #talkaboutabuse.

Expand9 December - share this blog from our Chief Executive

Please read and share this blog by our Chief Executive Gillian Guy on how Citizens Advice will build on the 16 Days of Action.

Expand10 December - take part in our Thunderclap at 16.16

It's day 16 of our 16 days of action opposing domestic abuse. Thank you so much for all of your support along the way. We're going to end on a high this afternoon with a Thunderclap at 16.16.