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Latest parliamentary briefings

Our briefings provide information for debates and give Parliamentarians regular updates on our policy work.

Tenant Fees Bill

Universal Credit 2018

Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill

Universal Credit 2017

Westminster Hall debate on post office closures 25 April 2017

Emergency Debate on PIP Regulations March 2017

Digital Economy Bill 2016/17

Renters Rights Bill 2016

Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015/16

Childcare Bill 2015 

Autumn statement 2014

Tenancy (Reform) Bill 2014

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill

Adjournment debate on mandatory reconsideration

Queen's Speech 2014

Budget 2014

Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

Citizens Advice is seriously concerned that the provisions set out in Part 4 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill will severely undermine the crucial role that judicial review plays as a check on power. The risk of these proposals is that the potential financial burden will close the door to proper accountability and justice.

Consumer Rights Bill

Citizens Advice strongly welcomes the Consumer Rights Bill. It has the potential to make it far easier for people to understand and use their rights when things go wrong. There are, however, a few small changes we would make which have the potential to have a significant positive impact for consumers.

Lobbying Bill

We are very concerned about the potential impact of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Union Administration Bill.

For our briefing for the second reading debate in Parliament and the legal opinion from NCVO:

Payday loans

Payday loan companies do not treat their customers fairly. Despite the payday loan industry promising to clean up its behaviour, our evidence shows that payday lenders have broken their promises. We need payday lenders to be properly regulated, and for them to stop irresponsible advertising.

House of Lords debates

Backbench and Westminster Hall debates