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Treasurer - Voluntary Trustee Role

Position: Treasurer - Voluntary Trustee Role

Location: Rushmoor (Aldershot and Farnborough)

Closing date: 31 December 2017

Role details

Job title: Treasurer - Voluntary Trustee Role

Location: Rushmoor (Aldershot and Farnborough)

Salary: Voluntary

London allowance: No

Hours per week: Average 1 hour per week

Type of contract: Permanent

End date of contract: 2019-11-30

Closing date for applications: 2017-12-31

How to apply:

The Treasurer is a voluntary role, sharing responsibility with the whole Trustee Board for governance of the charity. Linking strategic and development objectives to financial management, the Treasurer works alongside other qualified board members to ensure good governance – guiding and advising the board in relation to budgets, accounts and financial statements. A good understanding of accounting procedures, with the financial qualifications or experience to contribute effectively to the organisation, is required.

A salaried staff member takes responsibility for day-to-day financial management, so no direct bookkeeping work is required. On average the time commitment works out at around 2 hours for 1 morning a month in the office; and 2 evening Trustee meetings once every 3 months.

Every local Citizens Advice is a registered charity. Different application procedures are adopted by individual local Citizens Advice. Contact the relevant one as outlined in the information about this role. You should not send an application form to national Citizens Advice.

All local Citizens Advice produce their own annual report, but you can find out more about the Citizens Advice network or download the latest national Citizens Advice annual report.