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Press releases

Our press releases highlight issues that are of concern for our clients and our network.

Customers still counting cost of PPI scandal

02 October 2015

Citizens Advice has responded to a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announcement that it will consult on a possible 2018 deadline for PPI compensation claims.

New police guidance could “transform police response to domestic abuse”

21 September 2015

Citizens Advice has today said that having those providing public services trained to recognise domestic abuse, including coercive control, can help victims get much-needed support. The national charity welcomes new guidance from the Royal College of Policing to help police officers identify patterns of domestic abuse.

Banks ‘paying the price’ for PPI scandal

10 September 2015

Thousands of people ripped off by the PPI scandal continue to seek help from Citizens Advice – 10 years after the charity launched a super-complaint against it.

Rogue traders are “exploiting the problems they claim to solve”

05 September 2015

Increasing numbers of people are having problems with companies cold calling them to offer services that are supposed to block cold calls, Citizens Advice reveals. People have complained of aggressive selling, faulty goods and being unable to cancel contracts after being contacted by companies claiming to offer cold call blocking devices.

Bailiffs 'must be last resort'

27 August 2015

Citizens Advice has called on councils to use every other option to collect debts before resorting to bailiffs. The charity made the call in response to new figures from National Debtline showing a 16 per cent increase in the use of bailiffs, mostly driven by local authorities collecting council tax arrears.