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Press releases

Our press releases highlight issues that are of concern for our clients and our network.

Christmas can cost 72% more on a payday loan

27 November 2015

Taking out a payday loan to pay for Christmas could increase costs by almost £600. New analysis from Citizens Advice finds the average spend for Christmas jumps from £821 to £1,413 if paid for with a typical payday loan of three months.

PPI deadline mustn’t let banks off the hook

26 November 2015

Citizens Advice has responded to the launch of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s consultation on proposals to introduce a deadline for making payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints.

Citizens Advice response to the Autumn Statement and Spending Review

25 November 2015

As the Government sets out its spending plans for the next four years, Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy says that while this Spending Review offers relief to households braced for tax credit cuts but sets a long term challenge for local government.

FCA compensation order good for customers, says Citizens Advice

26 October 2015

Citizens Advice has welcomed a decision that Dollar Financial UK will refund £15.4million to 147,000 customers. The company, which owns payday loan brands like The Money Shop, gave loans to borrowers who in some cases could not afford to repay.