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Guaranteed interview scheme

We have made a positive commitment to employing disabled people. We offer disabled
applicants the option of requesting that their application is considered under the terms of our Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS).

To be invited to interview/assessment under this scheme, candidates applying under GIS
should achieve an aggregate score of 60 % of the total possible marks across the essential criteria. These are the essential requirements that have been agreed for the post which may include qualifications, experience and skills. In setting the essential requirements, care will be taken to ensure that disabled candidates will not be disadvantaged.

When a manager shortlists, they score all answers using the following ratings:

  1. No evidence
  2. Little/some evidence
  3. Acceptable evidence
  4. Good evident
  5. Excellent evidence

However, candidates scoring 1 in any of the essential criteria will not be invited to interview.

If you wish to apply under the GIS, please indicate this in the relevant section of the
application form.

Whether you are applying under the scheme or not, if you are disabled we will ask you to let us know if you need any adjustments during each recruitment stage to ensure it is inclusive and works for you.

We are committed to making reasonable adjustments throughout the recruitment process and if you are successful, we’ll make adjustments to your working environment.