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We have produced a range of materials and tools to help local Citizens Advice service, Trading Standards and any other partners who'd like to take part campaign.

All of the resources are available for download, and public facing resources will be available in English and Welsh.

The resources can be used to raise awareness of scams throughout the year, not just during this Scams Awareness campaign. Updated materials will be available in late Spring 2021.

Campaign resources

The Scams Awareness campaign briefing sets out the background to the campaign and includes a range of local activities for participating organisations.

Sign up to our Scams Awareness campaign mailing list by filling in our participation form Google form  to receive updates.

Informational resources

Posters and leaflets

Advocacy and education resources

Social media resources


These images can be used on social media, for example as cover photos and pictures for sharing. You can also incorporate them into email footers or add them to your local websites.