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Energy policy research

We represent energy consumers by promoting and protecting the interests of domestic and small non-domestic consumers across England and Wales.

As the statutory consumer body for energy consumers in England and Wales, we commission research, build evidence-based policy positions to embed the needs of energy consumers into decision-making, with specific regard for the needs of vulnerable consumers.

Generating value?

12 November 2015

Reducing the cost to consumers of low carbon generation deployment policy.

Beginning to see the light

10 August 2015

Why we need greater transparency in the RIIO model of energy network regulation, and how to deliver it

Staying FiT

22 June 2015

Learning from consumer experience of solar PV systems to inform the development of low-carbon policies

The lost decade

18 June 2015

Consumer experience of energy billing issues 2005–2015

Closer to home

28 May 2015

Developing a framework for greater locally led delivery of energy efficiency and fuel poverty services

Clear connections

14 May 2015

Improving the energy customer journey on sources of advice and redress

Smart meters for SMEs

01 October 2014

Citizens Advice supports the rollout of smart meters to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro-businesses.