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Volunteer stories

What people say about volunteering with the Citizens Advice service.

"Why do I work at the CAB in Wales? Because I can get new skillsand learn by picking up things even if I'm not directly involved. I like being part of a good workplace where you don't get the “back biting“ you often find in some workplaces. So I am learning new things and its also challenging me."

"I had wanted to do something like this for some time so when I had more time on my hands I volunteered. It is intellectually more challenging than I thought which is great for me!"

"I recently graduated from university but I didn’t have enough work experience in my field, so I needed a job to strengthen my CV, so my uncle introduced me CAB. I attended the workshop and I really liked the way that managers behave with volunteers. Also it was a good opportunity for me to work in a place where I can be trained. I have been working here since September 2009."

"I have had many years previous experience dealing with customer enquiries on the telephone. It is a very different experience to take calls on behalf of Adviceline Cymru. Before you are asked to take calls, you are trained in how to do so and you have the support of a supervisor at all times. You are not pressured to take too many calls and therefore you are able to able to ensure that you can give the client your full attention and complete the case notes fully."

"It really is possible to take satisfaction in the work that you do because you feel that you have helped someone to find a way forward with their problems.”

"It is a good opportunity for me to make good friends and improve my language (English). Also it gave me a social position in society and so I am proud that I have a responsibility. Moreover I can enhance my computer skills like Excel and Word."

"When I saw that the social policy coordinator role was currently empty at the bureau I jumped at the chance to fill it. To me it seems like the perfect position, not only do I get to conduct research which I love, but I also get to campaign for social justice and real change, not just for one person but to many that I would never meet. I have just started my PhD and found that the day I go to the bureau is the one I look forward to the most. My research skills, people skills and communication skills have improved since working at the bureau and meeting such diverse and altruistic people has broadened my views on contemporary society."

"I decided to become a volunteer to get work experience and meet new people as I’ve only been in Cardiff for a short while.  The experience at CAB is excellent. I meet so many people and have many good friends. The environment where I work is so good and my supervisor is always encouraging me to improve more and more and my English is also improving.  The knowledge I have now about the many areas that CAB work with has helped me to understand how life is in the UK and I found it so useful when I had to do my test for “Life in the UK"."