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What to do if you're not awarded ESA

This advice applies to Wales

Challenge the decision

You can ask the DWP to rethink their decision. This is called mandatory reconsideration. You have to ask within one month of getting your decision letter.

Other benefits you could get

You may be able to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) instead of ESA. You’ll need to meet the usual rules for people who claim JSA, for example you’ll need to be actively looking for work. If your condition or a disability means you can only work or look for work a limited number of hours each week, you can try and agree this with the Jobcentre.

You should tell the Jobcentre that you’re able and willing to look for work, otherwise you won’t get any JSA.

Worth remembering
Claiming JSA during a mandatory reconsideration shouldn’t affect your ESA reconsideration request .

It's always a good idea to check you're claiming all the benefits you're entitled to. Find out what benefits and extra help you could get using our simple and quick online tool. 

Other help with living costs

You can:

  • ask friends or family if they can help with essentials
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