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Complaining to the telecommunications ombudsman

This advice applies to Wales

If your complaint to your TV, phone or internet service provider has not been successful, you can pass the complaint to a telecommunications ombudsman who will help you.

This page tells you about what an ombudsman can do for you.

Before you can complain to the ombudsman, you must try to sort things out with your service provider directly first. You'll need to get a letter of deadlock from the service provider confirming that they are not prepared to resolve the problem in the way that you wish.

How an ombudsman can help you

An ombudsman is an independent organisation that can help you with your complaint against your service provider. They may contact your service provider on your behalf and try to resolve the problem for you. This may take a number of weeks.

Your service provider must be a member of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. To find out if your service provider is a member, you can use the Ofcom ADR checker, or you can ask your service provider.

Dispute resolution services

There are two Alternative Dispute Resolution schemes for telecommunications. You can find out more about these schemes on the Ofcom dispute resolution page. 

More information on who offers alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

NIACT (Northern Ireland Advisory Committee on Telecommunications)

Tel: 028 9024 4133
Fax: 028 9024 7024


If the ombudsman can't help you

If your service provider is not a member of an ombudsman, you could take your complaint further by:

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