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If your blue badge application is refused

If you are disabled, you may be able to park in restricted areas under the blue badge scheme. The scheme is for drivers and passengers.

This page explains what you can do if your application for a blue badge is refused in Wales.

Top tips

If you have any queries about whether you’re eligible for a blue badge, you can contact the national blue badge helpline on 0844 463 0215.

When can a local authority refuse an application?

Your local authority can refuse your application for a blue badge if any of the following apply:

  • you do not fall into either the automatic or discretionary category of people who are eligible for a blue badge
  • you have misused a blue badge in the past and have at least one conviction for doing so
  • your local authority has reasonable grounds to believe you are not the person you claim to be
  • your local authority has reasonable grounds for believing you would let someone else use your blue badge
  • your local authority believes you are not resident in its area.

Can you appeal against refusal to award a badge?

There's no legal right to appeal if you don't meet the eligibility conditions for a blue badge.

However, the Welsh Government does recommend that local authorities have an appeals procedure in place. Your local authority might have its own appeals procedure. If it does, you should ask for details of this, and follow the steps it sets out.

You should be given a detailed written explanation of the reason for your application being refused. You should explain to your local authority why you believe its decision is wrong, and may wish to provide evidence to support your case.

If you can get the support of a councillor, a local disability group or an advice agency, this may help your case.

Can you appeal against any other decision?

If your application was refused because you have previously misused a blue badge, you can appeal to the Welsh Government. This also applies if you have received a notice demanding that you return your blue badge on the grounds of misuse or because you obtained a badge dishonestly.

You need to make your appeal within 28 days of your application being refused. It is important that you give full details of your case and why you are appealing.

There is no hearing but the appeals office will write to your local authority to ask for its grounds for refusing you the badge, and then make a decision. If you already have a badge, it will remain valid until the appeal is decided.

If your appeal is refused, you may appeal to a magistrates’ court. You should always get more help and take independent legal advice before taking court action.

In Wales, appeals should be sent to:

Blue Badge Team (Wales)
Integrated Transport Unit
Transport Wales
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

Fax: 029 2082 3712

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