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Problems with a phone, TV and internet bill

There is information on how to dispute a bill, what to do if you are threatened with disconnection or struggling to pay, as well as advice for vulnerable people.

Disputing a bill

How to check whether your telephone, mobile, internet or TV bill is accurate and how to dispute the bill with your provider if you think it is too high.

You’re struggling to pay your bills

What you should do if you’re having trouble paying your TV, telephone or internet bills or are in debt to your services provider.

Someone won’t pay their share of the bill

Who is responsible for the bill if live in a shared house where a number of people use the same TV, internet and phone services, and what you might be able to do if someone is refusing to pay their share.

Advice for vulnerable people

What to do if you are a vulnerable person and are being threatened with disconnection because you are struggling to pay your telephone, mobile or internet bills.

Your service has been disconnected

What you should do if your service provider has disconnected your TV, telephone or internet service.

If you get a bill from a previous provider

What to do if you have recently switched provider for your TV, internet, landline or mobile phone service and your previous provider continues to bill you.

Problems with premium rate numbers

What to do if you have a problem with premium rate phone numbers, how to avoid using them, how to deal with unsolicited texts, and how to complain about premium rate numbers.

Letter to dispute a mobile, TV or internet bill

Letter to complain about a mobile phone, TV or internet bill.