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What to do if you’re having problems with your postman

While the vast majority of Royal Mail staff deliver a high quality service, problems can sometimes arise with your postman.

Problems with postmen might include:

  • you feel your postman is being rude to you
  • your postman is dropping elastic bands in your garden
  • your postman has damaged your gate
  • your postman is damaging post when putting it through your letterbox
  • your postman is leaving "sorry you were out" cards when you are in
  • your postman is delivering your mail to the wrong address
  • your postman won’t deliver mail to your house because of your dog

This page explains what you should do if you’re having problems with your postman.

If you’re having problems with a courier or staff member from another postal provider, you should report the issue to the company. All companies providing a postal service must have a complaints procedure, which you can find on their website.

More information about other postal providers and couriers.

Can you speak to your postman informally?

If you are on speaking terms with your postman and the problem is simple, you can try talking to him or her informally to sort the problem out.
For example, if your postman regularly delivers your mail to the wrong home, you can ask him or her to pay more attention to your address. Or, if you are finding elastic bands dropped in your garden, you can ask him or her to be more careful.

If you can’t speak to your postman or speaking to your postman doesn’t work

If you can’t speak to your postman, or speaking to your postman doesn’t work, you should report the issue to Royal Mail customer services on 08457 740 740 (textphone 08456 000 606).

Royal Mail promises to investigate every incident that is reported to them.

You can also use the online staff comments form on to report the issue.

For some problems, there are extra things you can do to stop them from happening:

If this still doesn’t solve your problem

If you have reported your problem to Royal Mail customer services but it is still happening, you can make a complaint about your postman. You should follow the Royal Mail complaints process.

If your postman is refusing to deliver mail to your home

If your postman is refusing to deliver mail to your home, perhaps because of your dog or problems with access, Royal Mail needs to follow a specific process. This is called making your address an exception from the universal service. You should receive a letter explaining this and be given a chance to appeal the decision.

If you see a discarded post bag you should report it to the postal operator that it belongs to. Do not attempt to move or open the bag, or deliver the mail yourself.

Obstructing a postal worker

Problems with a postman can be frustrating, but it’s important to deal with the situation calmly. You must never obstruct or delay a postman or other postal worker who is going about their job, without a reasonable excuse. To do so would be a criminal offence. Equally, if you are asked to leave a post office or any other property belonging to Royal Mail or the Post Office, because you're being an nuisance , you must do so. It is an offence to refuse.

Contact Royal Mail

You can phone Royal Mail on 03457 740 740 (textphone 03456 000 606).

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday - 8am to 1pm
  • Saturday - 8am to 1pm
  • Sunday - 9am to 2pm

You can write to them at:

Royal Mail Customer Services
PO Box 740

You won't need to use a stamp as this is a freepost address.

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