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School admissions

Learn about school admissions, why you may be refused a school place, and what to do if this happens.

Applying for a school place

Explains how to apply for a school place for your child. Covers the normal admissions round, late applications, changing school mid-year and applying for a sixth form place.

Reasons you may be refused a school place

Explains why a local authority might refuse your child a place at your chosen school, covering oversubscription criteria and infant class size limits.

Refused a school place - what to do

Explains what you can do if your child is refused a place at the school of your choice. Covers asking to be added to a waiting list, appealing a refusal, reapplying to the same school if your circumstances change and how to make a complaint.

School admissions - the appeal hearing

Explains what happens if you appeal against a refusal of a school place for your child. Covers the Welsh Government School Admissions Appeals Code and what happens at an appeal hearing.

School admissions and appeals - making a complaint

Things to think about before taking action, if you are unhappy with a school admissions decision or the outcome of an appeal.