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Coronavirus – going out and meeting with people

This advice applies to Wales

Lockdown from 20 December

The whole of Wales is in lockdown - this is also called 'alert level 4'.

In lockdown it’s against the law to leave your home or meet with people without a good reason. 

You can check the reasons you’ll be allowed to leave your home and meet with people on the Welsh government website.

It’s usually against the law to:

  • meet anyone who isn’t from your household in someone’s home or garden
  • meet outdoors or in public places with someone you don't live with
  • leave Wales without a good reason

The government recommend you keep at least 2 metres away from people who aren’t members of your household. If you have children under 11 years old, they don’t need to keep 2 metres away from other people.

You should read the latest guidance on what you can and can’t do on the Welsh government’s website.

Check what happens if you break the rules

The police can tell you to go home or give you a £60 fine. The fine will go up if you break the rules again.

Check if there’s an exception to the rules about meeting people

You can always meet with the people you live with, inside or outside your home.

You can also meet with people from another household if they’re part of your ‘support bubble’.

In some situations you can meet other people in someone’s home or garden, or meet somewhere else. These situations include:

  • working or volunteering – the government recommend you work from home if you can
  • educating or looking after children
  • getting or giving medical help – for example if you’re caring for someone who doesn’t live with you
  • going to a place of worship
  • helping someone in an emergency
  • going to a court or tribunal hearing – but check if you need to join the hearing in person

Visiting someone who is ill or needs help

You can meet with someone:

  • to care for them, for example if they need help to stay safe, wash or eat
  • if they’re struggling with loneliness or mental health
  • in a hospital or care home – check if visitors are allowed first

Going to a wedding or a funeral

You can go to a wedding, civil partnership registration or funeral as long as you’ve been invited.

You can't have a reception, wake or memorial.

Check if you can leave Wales

You can still leave Wales for some reasons, for example:

  • to get basic things like food, medicine and pet supplies – you can also buy other things at the same time
  • for work or volunteering
  • for education or childcare
  • to care for someone, for example if they need help to stay safe, wash or eat
  • to go to a wedding, civil partnership or funeral
  • to avoid being harmed or help someone in an emergency
  • to do something the law says you have to – for example jury duty
  • to move house – including making arrangements to move house

Joining with another household

You might be able to join with 1 other household and treat them like part of your household – this is called being in a ‘support bubble’.

You can only make a support bubble if all the adults agree and either:

  • you live with no one else aged over 18
  • there’s only 1 person aged over 18 in the household you want to join with

If you’re in a support bubble, you can meet with people from the other household in someone’s home or outdoors.

You can only be in 1 support bubble and you can’t change the household you’re joined with.

If you’re separated from your children’s other parent

Your children can be part of both parents' households if they:

  • are under 18
  • see you and their other parent

You can read the government’s latest guidance on what you can and can’t do on GOV.UK.

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