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Help us tell the story of Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice turns 80 in 2019 and we’d like your help to show the difference those years of advice have made. 

Whether it was in the 1940s or yesterday, we want to hear your Citizens Advice story, and how our advice helped you.

To share your story all you need to do is take a few minutes to fill in this short form.

We've included more information below about the kinds of stories we're looking for - and some of the ways we might use them. 

If you have any questions, or you change your mind about sharing your story, get in touch at

Can I choose how you use my story?

You can choose what you share and how we use your story. You can also share your story anonymously.

Just let us know what you'd like to share and how we can use your story in the form Google form .

Some of the ways we may like to use your story include:

  • On social media
  • As quotes on a poster or leaflet
  • As blogs
  • To feature in a book on the history of Citizens Advice. For this we especially need stories from the 60s and before

  • On our website
  • In press releases and in the news

  • In videos

What kind of stories are you looking for?

Anything and everything! We've helped a lot of people with a lot of different problems over the years. Even if you don't think your problem was very serious, it doesn't matter. For example: 

  • Maybe we helped you with housing benefit or employment advice in the 80s?

  • Perhaps you (or a family member) came to us with a rationing problem during the war?

  • Did you have debt problems in the 50s and 60s due to the introduction of credit cards?

Whatever the issue was, and whenever you came to us, we want to hear your story. Google form

What details do you need from me?

For now, we’re just looking for basic information.

We just need you to fill in our short form, which asks you:

  • Your name (or you can share your story anonymously)

  • When we helped you 

  • The basic details of your story

  • Contact number and email (if you're happy to be contacted)

If we’d like to use your story and you're happy to be contacted, one of our case study officers or another member of staff will be in touch.

How will you use my information?

We're collecting your information about your experience of Citizens Advice so that we can contact you to find out more. You can also tell us your story anonymously, or decide that you don't want us to get in touch, if you'd prefer for us not to contact you.

If you do give us consent to contact you in our short form, we’ll only use your information to contact you about your story, and nothing else.

Your information will be held in a spreadsheet and kept securely on our internal systems. If we don't use your story, we'll delete your details from our system within 6 months. 

You can withdraw your consent at any point, or ask us to amend your details. All you need to do is contact us at For example, you may ask us:

- what information we've stored about you
- to change or update your details
- to delete your information
If you're not happy with how we've handled your data, you can make a complaint through our website.

Have more questions that we haven’t answered above?

Get in touch at or call 03000 231 080 to speak to one of our case study officers, who can answer any questions you have.