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Our policy work

Evidence cycleWhen someone contacts a Citizens Advice Bureau, the cause of their problem is often an unfair policy, practice or piece of legislation.

The number of clients we work with each year makes it possible to spot trends and comment with authority on the strengths and weaknesses of different policies. In fact we see it as our responsibility.

Making welfare work locally

Find out some of the innovative ways that local authorities and housing associations are responding to welfare changes and how you can nominate in your area.

Latest policy news and views

Our Citizens Advice blogs:

    Policy publications

    Policy publications

    Parliamentary briefings

    Our parliamentary briefings help MPs and Assembly Members respond to key legislation and adopt an informed position in parliamentary debates:

    CAB evidence and how it's used

    We undertake quantitative analysis of the 7 million or so problems recorded in our client database each year. We also undertake qualitative analysis of the 50,000 problems that bureaux draw our attention to specifically. Then we act. We raise the issues with those who are causing them and suggest how they could be avoided.

    As well as giving a voice to our clients, our policy work ensures new policies are based on evidence rather than assumptions, benefitting many more people than we could ever advise one-to-one.

    Evidence cycle