What happens at the end of a debt relief order

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At the end of your debt relief order (DRO) period, you are free from the debts that are listed in it, except any which you obtained by fraud.

This page explains what happens when the DRO period ends and what you should do if you want proof it has finished.

What is the DRO period?

The DRO period is the twelve months from the date when the debt relief order is made by the Official Receiver. During this time you can't make payments towards most types of debt listed in the DRO and you're subject to certain other restrictions. This period may also be called the moratorium.

More about restrictions during the DRO period

Notification of the end of DRO period

You won't receive any official notice or communication to tell you that the DRO period has ended.

If you can't remember when your DRO ends, you can check your entry in the Insolvency Service's register. This will show the end date of the DRO period.

Check your entry on the Insolvency Service's register at www.bis.gov.uk/insolvency.

If you want proof your DRO has ended

If you want to be able to prove that your DRO has ended you can print off a copy of your entry in the Insolvency Service's register, which will show the end date of the DRO period.

You have three months to print off your copy of the entry after the DRO has ended. After this time, your entry will be removed.

If a creditor doesn't accept your DRO has ended

If a creditor tries to collect a debt that was listed in your DRO after the DRO period has ended, you can challenge them and don't have to pay. Ask your DRO adviser for advice about this. Exceptions to this are debts which are rent arrears or a debt where you have a controlled goods agreement with a bailiff. If you want to stay in your home or keep the belongings, you may still have to pay.

If a creditor won't accept or believe that your DRO has ended, send them a copy of your entry from the Insolvency Service Register, if you have one. If you don't have a copy and it is too late to print it off, ask your creditor to contact the Insolvency Service's DRO Team. They will be able to confirm to your creditor that your DRO has ended and that they can't take any action against you over it.

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Other useful information

Check your entry on the Insolvency Service's register at www.insolvency.gov.uk

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