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Taking action about discrimination

This section explains what you can do if you've experienced unlawful discrimination - for example, by a healthcare provider or a business like a shop or hotel. It doesn't cover actions you can take if you've been discriminated against at work.

Before you take action about discrimination

Things to think about before taking legal action about discrimination, including checking the discrimination was unlawful, choosing the best course of action for you and preparing paperwork.

Getting information about your discrimination case

Explains how to use the questionnaire procedure before taking legal action, to get information on how you have been treated by a person or organisation who has discriminated against you.

Taking legal action about discrimination

Explains the process for taking court action about discrimination, including sending a letter before claim, filling out a claim form and how a defendant should respond to the claim.

Time limits for taking legal action

Explains the need to act within the time limits, if you want to take legal action about discrimination and how to work out how the time limit applies to your case.

What do you need to show the court?

Checklist of things to think about and evidence you need to show the court, if you want to take legal action about discrimination.

Check what you can do about harassment

Check if the harassment is discrimination under the Equality Act 2010, and if you can take legal action about it.

Taking action about discrimination in health and care services

Check how to complain about discrimination by health and care services - including taking them to court.