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Ofgem’s commitment to tougher network price controls “should curb excess profits”, says Citizens Advice

18 Rhagfyr 2018

Citizens Advice, in its role as the official consumer champion for energy, has welcomed Ofgem's sector specific proposals for the next set of energy network price controls (RIIO-2), and new proposals for changes to the way people are charged for electricity.

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive at Citizens Advice, said:

"Energy network companies have had it too good for too long. Ofgem's commitment to a tougher price control should curb the excess profits networks have been allowed to make. This is good news for people as this should result in lower bills. It is vital now that Ofgem continues to hold its nerve in the face of the inevitable push back from industry.

"The widespread adoption of electric vehicles and smart appliances in our homes will bring benefits for many people, but will also put different demands on the network. It's crucial that everyone benefits from these innovations and that no-one is left behind. We want to make sure everyone, especially vulnerable people, can make the most of these products and services and are protected from undue costs."


  • Citizens Advice has established 5 principles which it believes need to be met if the RIIO2 price controls are to deliver for consumers.
  • Citizens Advice research (Missing Billions - July 2017) showed that energy network companies were making £7.5bn in excess profits during the current RIIO price controls.
  • Citizens Advice research (Things can only get beta - June 2018) showed that the current methodology for calculating the risk to investors - the equity beta - may be flawed and that a new approach could save consumers an additional £4.1bn.

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