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Debt and money consultation responses

Citizens Advice regularly responds to consultations using examples of CAB clients' problems. We use this evidence to campaign for changes in policies and services.

Debt and money problems have increased dramatically in recent years with debt being our largest enquiry area. Issues covered include consumer credit, debt collection, personal insolvency and debt enforcement including bailiffs.

Statutory Debt Repayment Plan: Citizens Advice response to HM Treasury's consultation

Dydd Gwener, 5 Awst 2022

Citizens Advice welcomes the opportunity to respond to the government’s consultation on Statutory Debt Repayment Plans (SDRP). SDRPs will fill a notable gap in debt options by providing statutory protection from creditor action over the lifetime of a debt repayment plan. We are supportive of SDRP as a policy but we identify significant challenges in the current proposals that need to be addressed for it to fulfil its policy objectives. In our response we recommend changes to build in more payment flexibility, streamline administration and ensure the functions assigned to debt advisers within SDRP are appropriate to the role. We also recommend changes to the proposed treatment of Universal Credit advances and deductions, and an extension of the Breathing Space moratorium period.

A total cost cap on the rent-to-own market

Dydd Gwener, 13 Gorffennaf 2018

A total cost cap on rent-to-own items like washing machines and televisions could save consumers £276 (28%) per product, Citizens Advice has found.

Bills of sale - a consultation paper

Dydd Gwener, 29 Ionawr 2016

Citizens Advice supports the Law Commission’s proposals to reform the outdated legislation relating to bills of sale.