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Consumer Futures Annual Report 2014-15

28 Ionawr 2016

From 1 April 2014 Consumer Futures was integrated into Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS). This transition completed the government’s rationalisation of the consumer landscape, identifying Citizens Advice and CAS as the pre-eminent bodies for consumer advice, education and advocacy across Great Britain.

In the following year the Consumer Futures teams delivered on the wide-ranging 2014/15 work plan, securing major wins for consumers while integrating this work with the wider strengths of Citizens Advice.

In its new home at Citizens Advice, the post team carried out a wide array of activities to represent consumers of postal services.

This work included:

  • Promoting the interests of consumers in the internet fulfillment market, negotiating the extension of the Scottish statement of principles for parcel deliveries across the United Kingdom,

  • Exploring the impact of competition in the mail market on Royal Mail and the financing of the Universal Service Obligation,

  • Representing the consumer voice to both the BIS Parliamentary Select Committee and Ofcom’s 2015/16 mail market review, and

  • Monitoring Royal Mail's quality of service around deliveries and collections.

The work of the Post Team, as well as the Energy and Cross-cutting teams, is further covered in Consumer Futures Annual Report for 2014/15 [ 0.73 mb].