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Ofcom consultation on universal service exceptions to Royal Mail’s universal service obligation

13 Tachwedd 2015

As the statutory representative for consumers of postal services across the UK, the Citizens Advice Service and the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland welcome the opportunity to respond to Ofcom’s consultation on whether Saturday 26 December 2015 should be a universal service exception, as well as any Saturday falling on the 26th December in the future

The consumer advocacy bodies (Citizens Advice, Citizens Advice Scotland and the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland) work across the UK, representing consumers, conducting research and gathering evidence on postal user needs to deliver strategic projects that contribute to improving the operation of the postal market for all consumers. As the statutory consumer bodies, we also play a central role helping consumers in vulnerable positions, a fundamental safety net embedded into the UK’s CEAR Act 2007.1

We have reviewed the consultation and considered the reasons presented by Royal Mail in their request for a no service day. Accordingly, the consumer advocacy bodies have no objection to Royal Mail’s application for an exception to its universal service obligations on the 26 December 2015.