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Ofcom review of the regulation of Royal Mail

13 Tachwedd 2015

As the statutory representative for consumers of postal services across England, Wales and Scotland, the Citizens Advice Service welcomes the opportunity to respond to Ofcom’s Discussion document on its review of the regulation of Royal Mail.

Given the short timetable for responses and the complex and broad questions raised in the Discussion paper, we base our responses on an indicative analysis in relation to Royal Mail’s future financial performance and the contestability of market segments and products.

Our main concern on reading the document is that Ofcom may use the results of this consultation as part of a process with which it proceeds with unnecessary haste towards evaluation of a new regulatory approach.

In its Discussion paper, Ofcom states that its Review is expected to be completed and any revised regulatory framework put in place during 2016. We do not consider that this is a realistic timetable for a considered and fundamental review of regulation of an important communications and distributions market.