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Royal Mail Post Scheme consultation - improving the claim process

22 Mehefin 2015

As the statutory representative for consumers of postal services across England, Wales and Scotland, the Citizens Advice Service and the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland welcome the opportunity to respond to Royal Mail’s consultation on proposed changes to the UK Post Scheme and Overseas Post Scheme.

As noted, these set out the terms and conditions for postal services for consumers and business customers who do not hold individual contracts with Royal Mail.

The consumer advocacy bodies (Citizens Advice, Citizens Advice Scotland and the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland) work across the UK conducting research and gathering evidence on postal user needs to deliver strategic projects that contribute to improving the operation of the postal market for all consumers. As the statutory consumer bodies, we also play a central role helping consumers in vulnerable positions which is a fundamental safety net embedded into the CEAR Act.

In issuing our response, we seek to ensure that the complaint and claims policy conditions for letter and parcel services encourage the sustainability of the universal service of which Royal Mail is the provider in the UK.