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Parcels League Table 2023

16 Tachwedd 2023

Parcels League Table 2023 [ 3.6 mb]

Parcels league table

For the third time Citizens Advice’s parcels league table has uncovered that parcel companies deliver substandard service for consumers with no parcel company scoring above 2.75 stars out of a possible 5. This year the difference between first and last place is smaller than ever.                               

The rate of parcel problems in particular remains incredibly high across the board and shows no sign of letting up. Citizens Advice research found that over 13 million people faced a delivery problem with the last parcel they received in just the last month. Furthermore nearly half (43%) of consumers had an issue when trying to resolve their problem.

The league table results suggest that Ofcom’s current approach needs reviewing, as the rate of delivery problems hasn’t improved for the third year running. Citizens Advice is calling for parcel companies and Ofcom to take action now to stop problems from happening in the first place.                           

The top five delivery companies by parcel volume were measured against four criteria, customer service, delivery problems, accessibility and trust and rated out of five stars. 

This year we added a contextual environmental metric measured by CO2 emissions per parcel. We used data from Citizens Advice’s Consumer Service, consumer polling and social media complaints. Click here for a complete methodology. [ 82 kb]