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Welsh Language Offer at Citizens Advice

Welsh Language Scheme

As an organisation that works across Wales and England, at Citizens Advice we believe that having an active Welsh language offer will help us to provide a better service to the public, and support for our staff and volunteers.  

Working with the Welsh Language Commissioner’s office and colleagues across Citizens Advice, we’ve updated our Welsh language scheme to reflect our active offer. 

We want to improve people’s experiences when using our services. In particular by building in the ‘active offer’ approach into our organisational DNA. 

We’ve set ourselves some clear goals and have broken these down into a more detailed and separate progress plan, with short-term and longer-term actions which we’ll use to monitor our progress so that we can reflect back on how we are doing in achieving our goals.

The Welsh Language Commissioner approved the scheme on 27 August 2020 and said:  “I can see from your Welsh language scheme and from the targets you have set that you have planned in a way that is ambitious yet practical and measurable.”

Copies of the scheme can be found by following the links below:

Citizens Advice Welsh language scheme (Welsh version) Google Doc

Citizens Advice Welsh language scheme (English version) Google Doc

All local Citizens Advice operating in Wales have their own Welsh language scheme/progress plan. 

If you have any comments, would like to find out more about our scheme, please contact our Welsh Language Officer.