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About AdviserNet

Citizens Advice information system


AdviserNet is an online information system which Citizens Advice has developed and designed to meet the needs of our network of local Citizens Advice and their teams of advisers.

As one way of furthering our charitable purposes we offer access to this system, under license, to external subscribers that are organisations who also provide advice services to the public and whose services are compatible with those purposes and our public benefit values.

Prior to agreeing to a licensing arrangement, we check that each subscriber satisfies these requirements and that they will be able to comply with the contractual terms and obligations of the licensing agreement. In addition to the above, the key requirements of this legal agreement are -

  • only permitting a defined scope of use;

  • your policies, principles and values align with ours;

  • any services to the public are provided in accordance with our principles for service delivery;

  • your obligations regarding authorised users and security of access.

Our review of potential subscribers largely focuses on these key areas. We also take into account existing partnership working with our local Citizens Advice,  and check for anything that could damage our brand or reputation, the integrity of our network, or our operations. In order to reach a decision on your application, we reserve the right to ask further questions in respect of any of the responses you submit on the subscription application form.

The product

AdviserNet is a beneficial online resource for those involved in providing free advice services and pro bono legal services to the public in England, Wales and Scotland. It  provides subscribers with quality-assured information on welfare issues - from employment to benefits, and housing to debt.

As well as being used daily by our own network of advisers and that of Citizens Advice Scotland, we have subscribers across all sectors - from law firms to law centres, advice agencies to community groups, student welfare services to university law schools.

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