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Citizens Advice consumer education

The Citizens Advice service is the Government-funded provider of consumer education in Great Britain, bringing consumer advice, advocacy and education under one roof.

Our consumer work

Our new role means we can make sure consumers are represented and supported in the best way possible. Through our evidence base of client issues, our campaigning and our education work, we want to empower consumers to stand up for what matters most to them.

Consumer Empowerment Partnerships

We have set up 11 locally-led Consumer Empowerment Partnerships across England. They will bring together education, awareness-raising and campaigning and be local and regional champions for consumers. They’ll work closely with Trading Standards to empower consumers and improve enforcement for consumer benefit.

Consumer education resources

Our resources

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Working with partners (including Trading Standards Institute, Trading Standards and the Consumer Empowerment Alliance), we produce consumer education resources on a range of consumer issues. The materials are free to download. The activities are designed for educators/ group leaders to use to raise awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities and for learners to develop the skills and confidence to deal with consumer issues. 

Consumer education resources are listed with our financial capability resources.

Campaigns, policy and advice

Join our campaigns and help raise awareness and push for change.

Our consumer policy work covers a broad range of issues.

Our online consumer advice is complimented by our consumer advice service.

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