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Public services policy research

Joining the dots

17 October 2017

Analysis of the advice needs of our clients with mental health problems, and how integrated practical support in mental healthcare settings can help.

Registering frustration

03 June 2015

Can a simpler, clearer GP registration process reduce demand on health services - and improve the patient experience?

A very general practice

19 May 2015

Citizens Advice research showing the level and impact of patients' 'non-health' demand on GP services.

Gaps to fill

28 March 2007

Citizens Advice evidence on the first year of the NHS dentistry reforms.

What the doctor ordered?

02 March 2006

Citizens Advice evidence on medical assessments for incapacity and disability benefits.

Out of the picture

26 April 2004

Citizens Advice evidence on mental health and social exclusion.

Unhealthy charges

01 April 2001

A fundamental contradiction at the heart of the National Health Service is the existence of charges for essential items such as prescriptions, dental and optical treatment.