Check post collection and delivery times

This advice applies to Wales. See advice for See advice for England, See advice for Northern Ireland, See advice for Scotland

Royal Mail will deliver and collect your post Monday to Saturday. They also deliver on Sundays in some areas.

You won’t get post on bank holidays. 

When you'll get your post

Your post should be delivered by 3pm if you live in a town or city, or 4pm if you live in a rural area.

You can check if post will be delayed in your local area on the Royal Mail website.

If you have to collect post from a customer service point

Customer service points are usually located in delivery offices.

Check the opening hours on the Royal Mail website before you collect your post.

When your post will be collected 

Your local post box collection time depends on where you live.

The latest collection from a post office is usually when it closes.

You can check when your post will be collected from a post box or post office on the Royal Mail website.

You can also call Royal Mail to find out the collection times near you. Saturday collection times are 7am to 1.30pm for all locations.

Royal Mail

Telephone: 03457 740 740

Monday to Friday, 7am to 8pm

Saturday, 8am to 6pm

Sunday, 9am to 4pm

Your call is likely to be free of charge if you have a phone deal that includes free calls to landlines - find out more about calling 0345 numbers.

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Page last reviewed on 22 November 2018