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Credit cards

Using a credit card can be a convenient way to pay for goods and services and give you more choice about where you shop. It can be a cheap way of borrowing money for a short period of time but can work out expensive if you can't pay off the whole amount you owe each month.

On the following pages we tell you about how to use your credit card, what it may cost you and what to do if you run into problems.

If you're struggling with credit card debt

Find out how you can start to clear your credit card debt.

How credit cards work

Information about what credit cards are, how they work, credit limits, interest-free periods and statements.

Choosing and applying for a credit card

Information on what to look out for when choosing and applying for a credit card.

The costs and charges of credit cards

Information about interest and other charges, which may be incurred when using your credit card, including charges when buying things abroad, or for missed payments.