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Getting a debt management plan

These pages tell you about how to get a debt management plan (DMP). They include information on how to choose the right provider, what rules they should follow and whether you should pay for a DMP or not.

How to get a DMP

Things to think about before you set up a debt management plan.

Do you need to pay for a DMP?

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing a fee-charging debt management plan provider over on that offers a free service.

Choosing a DMP provider

How to find a debt management plan provider, covering whether a debt management company is licenced and belongs to a trade association and checking the contract is correct.

Rules DMP providers must follow

Explains the rules, set by the Financial Conduct Authority, that all debt management plan providers must follow.

Information your DMP provider must give you

Explains what to do if a debt management plan provider has not given you all the information you are entitled to when choosing or signing up for a debt management plan.