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Debt relief orders explained

These pages tell you the basics about a debt relief order (DRO) and what you need to know before getting one. They will help you to work out whether you are eligible for a DRO and the impact it may have on different areas of your life.

DROs - what you need to know

Explains how much it will cost to apply for a debt relief order, where and how to pay, and whether there is help available to pay the fee.

Credit rating - impact of debt relief order

Explains that a debt relief order must be noted in your credit reference file and how it affects your credit rating, making it hard to get credit in future.

Assessing income, debt and assets for DRO

Explains how an adviser assesses the value of your debts, income and belongings during the debt relief order application process.

What happens when a DRO is made

Explains what happens once a debt relief order has been made and your responsibility to report a change of circumstances, or information you forgot to include in the original application.

What happens at the end of DRO

How to check the date your debt relief order ends and get evidence from the Insolvency Service to prove it has ended.