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While a debt relief order is in place

These pages tell you about some of the issues that can arise while a debt relief order (DRO) is in place and how you can deal with problems. This includes what to do if your circumstances change or your creditors are still contacting you. You’ll also find information about debt relief restrictions orders.

Forgotten a debt - DROs

Explains what to do if you realise you had forgotten to include a debt in your debt relief order application.

Your circumstances have changed - DROs

Explains the types of change in your circumstances that you must report to the Official Receiver and what could happen if you do not report them.

Debt relief restrictions orders

Explains why you might have a debt relief restrictions order (DRRO) made against you if you did something against the rules when you applied for your DRO, or while the DRO is in force.

Can your debt relief order be stopped?

Explains the circumstances in which the Official Receiver can stop (revoke) your debt relief order and how to challenge their decision.

Creditors still contacting you - DROs

Explains what to do if you are being chased for a debt covered by your debt relief order and the situations in which creditors are still allowed to contact you while the order is in place.